Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Pre Civil War Antique Linen Ladies Bonnet Cap w by damosel on Etsy

Pre Civil War Antique Bonnet

Found at an auction by the above etsy seller that included many antique items from a rural museum that had been closed. One of the items she was lucky enough to acquire was a display of antique handwork that had been loaned by Carrie L. Burrows. As seen, there was a card that states that the pieces were all needlework of Hannah Eliza Thomas between 1840 and 1850. She later became the wife of J. Allyn Burrows. The card is not included. finally she decided that she was willing to pass them on to someone who appreciated this type of fine workmanship.The bonnet is made of find linen and has been embroidered with a grape and vine design. Flip it over and you can see how the fine stitching was done. Delicate eyelet runs around the entire garment. There is a silk bow at the back that you will want to replace. It measures 16 inches around the bottom edge and 21 inches around the face. It is in excellent condition. A beautiful addition to a garment or just a wonderful piece to add to your collection, it is sure to make you smile!

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